Charlbury Primary School
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Our Mission & Values

Our Mission & Values underpin every decision we make at Charlbury. We want our children to make a positive difference to society both during and after their time with us. These were developed after consultation with staff, governors, parents and most importantly, the children.

Our Mission:

We prepare our children to become socially conscious, morally driven and academically successful individuals who are ready for the challenges of tomorrow.

Our Values & Expected Behaviours:


  • We believe in something bigger than ourselves
  • We celebrate and welcome equality and diversity
  • We contribute to our local community and beyond
  • We believe in the rules of the community
  • We listen to others and are democratic


  • We do the right thing when no one is looking
  • We are honest, loyal and responsible
  • We show respect and kindness to all
  • We admit to mistakes freely and openly
  • We lead others down the right path


  • We are constantly looking to improve our knowledge, skills and understanding
  • We have the perseverance and resilience to see difficult tasks through
  • We are able to approach problems in different ways
  • We learn from our experiences
  • We learn to master ourselves


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