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Learning at Home

Now, more than ever, is there a greater need to ensure that children are given the opportunity to continue their learning at home. To avoid confusion, we call the regular weekly and termly tasks 'homework' and more prolonged periods of learning during the school day 'remote learning'.

Remote Learning

In the event that a child or group of children need to self isolate, there will be a discussion between parents and the class teachers as to the best course of action for the family.

In the event that a whole class needs to self-isolate, the school will use Google Classroom as the remote learning platform. Lessons will be pre-recorded and made available to all children.

We do have a limited number of laptops available to loan to families if they need to self-isolate so please do get in touch if you require one. We will prioritise these based on the need of the family.

Click on the button below to read our remote learning plan in full.\

Remote Learning Plan


Extensive evidence by the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) points to short focused tasks based directly on what is being taught being an effective method for homework. With that in mind, homework for children in Years 1-6 will be to complete a selection of activities. These will be available via the clicking the button below. These activities will include:

  • reading for pleasure
  • spellings/high frequency words/phonics
  • maths challenges
  • consolidation of maths facts taught in class

We ask that the work children complete at home no longer come back to school. As the homework will be consolidating learning, the teachers will see the progress being made in the assessments they make in class. If your children only have a limited amount of time to complete homework then we would always recommend reading, either with someone or independently, as the most important task to complete. Just 10 minutes a day at home can have a significant impact on your child's vocabulary, fluency and comprehension. If they're too tired then reading them a story, regardless of their age, will still be beneficial!

We will also offer the chance to complete some projects around an aspect of the wider curriculum. Knowledge organisers will be provided for children in Years 2-6 to help reinforce key facts in the wider curriculum.

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