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Curriculum overview

Our Curriculum Intention          

At Charlbury School, we believe that knowledgable leadership and inspired teaching is the essence in helping children learn and remember more, regardless of their starting point. To this end, most foundation subjects are taught by the experts. Some subject leads, teach across KS2 in the afternoons, enabling them to have a continuous understanding of the children's needs as they progress through the school. Children benefit from well trained, passionate and knowledgable teachers. 

By consciously placing a large importance on reading, we are providing boundless opportunities for our pupils to achieve the best possible outcomes, thus enabling them to continue to follow their strengths and interests into their next stage of education, whilst experiencing a range of successes on their journey.

Aspirational - Ethical - Creative - Curious

These four words are at the centre of our curriculum promise. All children will have opportunities to explore, explain, exemplify and experience what it means to be a child at Charlbury school and the commitment we make to being 'part of the solution...'

What is our curriculum?

Our curriculum is based on the ambitions of the National Curriculum. It has been constructed to provide children with a number of opportunities to review their learning so that key knowledge from the National Curriculum is retained in children’s long term memory. Our teaching & learning policy is based strongly around Rosenshine’s Principles of Instruction which places a significant emphasis on daily, weekly and monthly reviewing. When planning each unit, staff take notice of children’s existing knowledge. This comes from low stakes assessments that can be completed by the children before, during and/or after the unit of work.

We have high aspirations for all of our learners no matter what their barriers to entry but acknowledge that children may require additional scaffolding and adaptive teaching for them to be able to achieve the successes they are capable of.

Our long term curriculum map for 2023/24 is available here.

Mary Myatt reminds us that curriculum design should be an 'ongoing story of refinement.' Our Charlbury curriculum is reviewed every year and adapted accordingly. 

Please contact the school office ( for a copy of our Charlbury Curriculum Offer.

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