Charlbury Primary School
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Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum Intent

We intend for our curriculum to help instill our three school values of Community, Integrity and Mastery. Furthermore, we want it to cultivate a passion for learning as well as inspire curiosity, confidence and a strong sense of self worth. We expect all of our students to study the full curriculum and retain a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. We aspire for children to have the right attitudes, sufficient knowledge, skills and cultural capital necessary for them to succeed in secondary school and beyond.

How our curriculum is taught

At Charlbury we follow the National Curriculum. English and maths are taught daily, usually in the mornings, and we have a specific session allocated to teach phonics and/or other crucial reading skills. The majority of our English is planned around a high quality text chosen to enrich children’s cultural capital. Science, PSHE, Art, D&T are taught on a weekly basis with the rest of the subjects being taught in blocks of up to four weeks during the remaining time in the school week.

Our curriculum has been constructed to provide children with a number of opportunities to review learning so that key knowledge from the National Curriculum is retained in children’s long term memory. Each taught unit forms a building block that is continually reinforced and strengthened during the child’s time with us. Our teaching & learning policy is based strongly around Rosenshine’s Principles of Instruction which places a significant emphasis on daily, weekly and monthly review. When planning, staff take notice of children’s existing knowledge when planning each unit. This knowledge comes from low stakes assessments that can be completed by the children before, during and/or after the topic.

We have high aspirations for all of our learners no matter what their barriers to entry but acknowledge that children may require additional scaffolding for them to be able to achieve the success they are capable of.

Our Context

Charlbury and the surrounding area falls within the 20% least deprived neighbourhoods within the country. However, our knowledge of the families we work with lead us to believe that there are significant disparities in developing cultural capital within our community. Because of this, we make no assumptions that any child will have had access to enrichment opportunities. This has become particularly poignant given the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our long term curriculum map for 2021-22 is available here.

We are always looking to improve our curriculum to ensure that it is both engaging and memorable for every child. Below you will find some more details on our intentions for each subject; how we implement it and the impact that it has/will have on our children.


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