Learning in School

We cannot afford to waste a minute of a child's time at Charlbury. We want to provide every child with the knowledge, skills and experiences to be able to succeed not just at secondary school but beyond. Every child is unique and every class represents a different set of challenges. With that in mind, staff use a variety of techniques, as detailed in our Teaching & Learning Policy and our Feedback & Marking Policy, to ensure that all children are ready for the next chapter.

Learning Through Play

At Charlbury Primary School we believe that the children we work with benefit from periods of self-directed Learning Through Play. This is so that they develop the ability to set up and engage in independent thinking as well as the ability to challenge themselves. For this reason, our Learning Through Play may consist of completely open-ended resources or more structured resources which the children can freely choose to engage in. There may be times when we provide the children with specific challenges, perhaps due to an individual need or because the class teacher has identified that there is a specific objective that the majority of the class need to meet.

The children will also spend time participating in teacher-led tasks and activities. As the children move to Year 1 and then Year 2 this amount of teacher-led time will increase in order to enable each class to fully cover the requirements of the National Curriculum.